Richard Kingston, recognized internationally as one of the top harpsichord builders, has built over 300 custom crafted instruments for leading music schools, orchestras, churches, individual performers and collectors.

"[Richard Kingston's harpsichords are] built to high, professional standards, and are artistically fine. In my opinion, he is one of the most professional of the new harpsichord makers."
William Dowd
Harpsichord Maker

"I am amazed...As a matter of fact, I don't think of anyone in this country who is making better harpsichords... You [Richard Kingston] could not have done this without great, natural feeling for the instrument..."
D. Jacques (David) Way
Harpsichord Builder, Zuckerman Harpsichords

"...the decoration on the [Kingston] instruments is exquisite, and the French has the prettiest harpsichord sound... Kingstons are lightweight yet have a strong, robust tone."
Dr. Frank Cooper
Professor of Harpsichord and Music History,
University of Miami, Miami, Florida
writing for The Best Report

"I feel as though I could put my name on this harpsichord as if I had built it myself. I have a great "home" feeling for this man's work - we must have family spirits together, he and I."
Martin Skowroneck
The above comments were made to fellow jurists upon their unanimous selection of Richard Kingston to receive the Spivey Award for Excellence in Instrument Building.

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